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  • Goofy. Good or bad?

    Goofy. Good or bad?

    Good: Goofy Displays His Awesome Dad Skills In-Between: 15 Fun Facts About Disney’s Goofy Bad: The Dark Origins of Disney’s Goofy Character

  • Ken. Good or bad?

    Ken. Good or bad?

    Good: Mattel: Unlike Barbie, Ken doesn’t have to deal with body issues In-Between: At 60, Barbie’s Ken is more diverse than ever but still ‘continuing to evolve and grow’ Bad: In the Dollhouse: Subversive Barbie (and Gay Ken)

  • Girl Scouts. Good or bad?

    Girl Scouts. Good or bad?

    Good: Who We Are. We Are Girl Scouts. In-Between: Pros and Cons of Girl Scouts! 6 Little Known Secrets Bad: Gold, Eagle and Default Sexism: Lack of Respect for Girl Scouts on Full Display

  • Mario. Good or bad?

    Mario. Good or bad?

    Good: Super Mario Brothers Changed My Life In-Between: Every Mario game, ranked Bad: I’m not enjoying Super Mario Bros.

  • Absinthe. Good or bad?

    Absinthe. Good or bad?

    Good: These Absinthe Bottles Are the Best Out There In-Between: Everything you know about absinthe is wrong Bad: Why is absinthe so bad?